Why The Red Lotus ?????

Personalized service with care and State of art Facilities and Services The Red Lotus features beautifully appointed guest rooms steeped in comfort combined with luxury. The Red Lotus offers guests a perfect blend of modern amenities with the warm, casual comforts and classic elegance that you should expect. You will be surrounded by inspired details and beauty inside and out. 

  • Common Areas under CCTV Surveillance
  • Flat Screen LED TV
  • Iron Box on Demand
  • Hair Dryer on Demand
  • 8″ Thick Kurlon bedding and the dimension being 6′ * 6 1/2 ‘ with the option of selecting split bed 3′ * 6  1/2’ and king size bed
  • Gym with the Thread Mill, Cross Trainer, bike and Weights up to 50 Kg

The RedLotus Green Policy 

The Red Lotus has made a strong commitment to environmental best practice and the promotion of environmentally friendly policies. We aim to continually improve and to identify additional opportunities that will assist our business to operate in a more environmentally responsible manner. We also aim to encourage others to do likewise. Through a philosophy of “rethink, reduce, reuse, repair, recycle” we will identify, manage and reduce our environmental footprint by: 

Energy Conservation

  • Plan for future installation of solar energy panels to provide electrical power to further reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Purchase only Energy Star appliances.
  • Use of Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL bulbs) wherever possible.
  • Turn off heating (or cooling, as appropriate) to all unoccupied rooms

Water Conservation 

Towel and sheets replacement policy of changing every third day, unless requested. Use of only environmentally-friendly green cleaners and detergents recognized as biodegradable. Installation of high efficiency Energy Star laundry equipment that uses less water in the cleaning process. Use of cold water wash, whenever possible, for laundry. Use of low flow and dual flush toilets to conserve water. Returning natural resources to their natural state. Provides habitat for our abundant wildlife. Conserving water wherever practical and implementing processes and equipment to reduce water usage. 

Waste Reduction and Recycling

  • Implementation of an extensive recycling program for plastic, paper, and metal products-including guest area recycling bins.
  • Recovery of recyclables from waste receptacles if improperly disposed of by guests.
  • Use of recycled paper products whenever possible and avoid use of disposable products whenever practical.
  • Use of bulk dispensers for soaps, shampoos, and conditioners.
  • Delivery of one set of newspapers for the entire house, as opposed to room copies.
  • Implemented extensive use of electronic documents and records, including communication, marketing, banking, record keeping, etc.
  • Donate all towels, linens, books, etc. that are no longer usable to local charities for reuse.
  • Limited use of disposable cleaning products.
  • Consider environmental factors in all purchasing decisions.

Contribution to the Local Economy 

Contributes to the local economy by employing local residents, using local products and growers, and supporting local businesses. Conserves and/or enhances our natural resource base (e.g. through use of renewable energy, recycling, green building techniques, wildlife habitat protection, etc.Uses sustainable produced or organically grown products. Engages customers and visitors through active, personal, and meaningful participation in nature, people, places, history, and cultures. Prepared breakfasts features local, seasonal, and organic produce, dairy,food and beverages whenever practical. Purchase as much food and supplies as we can from local producers and the local farmer’s markets and food crop.

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